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Conteh Sports

Conteh Sports – a British supplement brand – are an ambitious company looking to supercharge their sales with a reinvigorated product design. The brief was simple; propel them into a popular and trusted company in their field with world class design, branding and packaging creation.

The Challenge

Conteh Sports are a fledgling & disruptive brand in a hyper-competitive supplement market. Their products have fast garnered a reputation amongst serious bodybuilders and powerlifters, but their original packaging was lacklustre and struggled to help them stand out amongst both smaller British brands, and the market leaders such as MyProtein.


The Solution

Working in unison with Conteh Sports, we gathered key information on their ideal customer persona, allowing us to build their new brand identity around them. Finding out Conteh Sports ideal customer persona was paramount. A brand with its roots firmly in powerlifting and bodybuilding, we were able to dial into this and create a bespoke new look for the brand moving forward.





We needed a striking design that had the flexibility to work seamlessly across multiple products of any size along with a multitude of flavour variations. A simple and refined flavour call out was used to allow for maximum free space for key call-to-action icons about the various benefits of the product along with patented product ingredients.





Social media has been fundamental in the relatively quick success of Conteh Sports. The creation of the highest quality imagery was critical so Conteh could gain awareness, exposure and ultimately convert their followers to customers.  A powerful brand and product was emphasised with the use of dark and striking imagery with a focus on flavour, colour and the aggressive nature of their product offering.

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